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About DSR Energy

Our Team



DSR Energy’s Manager and Power Systems Consultant has been an electrician and solar power technician since 1993.
Andy left a high powered career in power generation and mining to start DSR Energy in 2011, to focus on installing renewable energy systems in the Great Southern.
When work allows, Andy can be found mountain biking in the Karri Forest or working backstage at local theatres with his kids.



One of our electricians and solar technicians, Jethro has been with the company since 2017.
Like all of our team, Jethro lives locally and is experienced at all aspects of the electrical trade.
As a former IT helpdesk consultant, Jethro’s IT skills complement his electrical qualifications.



Mark was a qualified carpenter before “seeing the light” and becoming an electrician specialising in Solar Power!
Mark brought his previous expertise in grid connect and off grid installations to the company when he started with DSR in 2015.
Mark is also a talented local musician and artist.



Eden started with DSR Energy in 2020 as an apprentice electrician, at the age of 16!
He quickly proved to be capable and mature beyond his years, and is considered the best welder and mechanic at DSR Energy, as well as an increasingly competent electrical worker.
Eden has recently moved from extreme mountain biking to rally motor sport. He no longer turns up to work with injuries, so we are counting this as a plus.



Dean is a former winemaker who is now an apprentice with DSR.
A keen surfer and longtime local, Dean is proving a valuable addition to the team.

Recent Jobs

Serp View

120 solar panels on a 35 degree roof ... 12 metres above ground level!!
This was certainly an exercise in safe Working at Heights!
The view from the top is excellent, and the system produces enough electricity to power the entire site during the summer months.
A great example of a tailored solution designed to deliver on the customer’s needs.
This array is 30 metres long from end to end, and there is less than 5mm variance from a straight line along that length, on any of the four rows of panels.
DSR Energy pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.

Eden Triumphant

DSR apprentice Eden surveys his workmanship at the end of the job.


The 180 degree view from the roof!

HS panels

Denmark Senior High School is now solar powered!
DSR Energy have installed 33 kW of solar power on the Design and Technology Building (appropriately).
With the addition of Solar Analytics monitoring equipment, the High School will be able to monitor their solar production and grid consumption on the internet in real time.

Two Inverters

2 x Fronius inverters (made in Austria) at 12.5 kW each do the power conversion from DC to AC.

roof panels

Another example of a tailored solution designed to deliver on the customer’s needs.
Like all DSR Energy Off Grid Systems, this system is designed to operate without any need for generator backup.
Consisting of 13.2 kW of solar panels, This array is 17 metres long from end to end, and very neatly installed.
This system is designed to supply power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to an all-electric off-grid household.
The electricity supply will be many times more reliable than grid power, with smoother voltage regulation and higher quality power.
Best of all, this customer will have ZERO electricity bills for the next 10 – 20 years ... and ZERO carbon emissions from their household heating, hot water, cooking and all other energy needs.


DSR off grid power systems are neat, high quality, and long lasting.


Grid connected solar in rural and regional areas can present very specific challenges.
As well as the distance and freight logistics, Western Power Network Voltages and configurations are sometimes very different from city installations.
Long cable runs and unusual supply arrangements mean each installation is unique.
DSR Energy are highly experienced at delivering systems that function well when connected to rural networks. Solar retailers who are based in city locations may not be familiar with the specific requirements of rural installations.
Making sure our customers get their needs met is our primary objective. We deliver quality, high functioning, long lasting renewable energy systems which reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money.

Australian Hybrid Panel

Hybrid Solar Power Systems (with batteries) offer the opportunity to save your solar power during the day, and use it to power your home at night.
The Australian Product “Redback” inverter is an excellent quality, high reliability Hybrid inverter.
Paired with “Pylontech” Lithium batteries with a full 10 year warranty, peace of mind and energy security are assured.

Australian Hybrid

Another neat local install by DSR Energy.


Simple systems like this are not only the majority of our work, they are actually doing the majority of the “heavy lifting” in mitigating climate change!
The largest contributor to renewable energy power generation in the world today is domestic rooftop solar.
In fact, solar panels on the roofs of houses make up the biggest power plant in Western Australia!
DSR Energy are your local renewable energy business – we service the Walpole area with no additional travel charges. 🙂


This customer wanted an off grid solution for a farmhouse with 4 small children ...
DSR Energy’s off grid systems can be scaled from small systems starting as low as $14,000 up to larger systems such as this one, which can provide 100% of the household’s energy needs including hot water, cooking, heating, cooling, water pumps, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and more.


This system is designed to supply 100% of the energy needs for an energy efficient household of two people.
No generator backup is required! Just silent, 100% reliable clean renewable energy.
Like many of our off grid systems, this customer opted for Lead Carbon Battery technology – the latest development in off grid battery systems.
The inverter and charge regulators are from Victron – made in Holland, and one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world.
This system has 11 kW of solar panels and a 24 kWh array with a 5 kW inverter.
It’s sufficient to run anything an energy efficient household needs.

For Two b

Another customized and neat local install by DSR Energy.